Rani Mukerji reveals how Adira reacted while watching ‘Hichki’ and it is super cute

Image Source - YouTube

Rani Mukerji-starrer ‘Hichki’ has turned out to be a hit at the box office. The actress made her big screen comeback after a gap of around three and a half years after getting married and having a child.

Rani’s daughter Adira is two years old, and recently when we met her for an interview, we asked her if Adira has seen the trailer of the film and what’s her reaction after seeing her mother doing those tics, the actress replied, “She has seen the film as well. I took her to see the film and she is just 2 years old, so obviously she does not understand. Before this when I had brought her to the Yash Raj screening, she heard the loud sound and dark thing, so she got a little scared. This time I switched on the lights, made the sound soft and I made her see ‘Hichki’.”

“She sat on my lap for 10 minutes and she said ‘woh toh mera mumma hai’, she reacted like that. She was very happy seeing me; she was looking at me and looking on the screen. When she grows up she will be able to explain what she went through while watching ‘Hichki’. After 10 minutes, she got down from my lap and then the whole screening became her playground. She went round and round around the mixing table, when the songs came she started singing and dancing looking at the screen. In the interval, I took her out because I wanted her nurse and nannies, my staff and everybody to watch the film, and they shouldn’t be disturbed. So, in the second half I took her out because in the second half I am crying and I didn’t want her to watch those things. These are the memories that I am taking in my life.”

Well, with the success of ‘Hichki’ we are now expecting that Rani will be back on the big screen again. (Also read: When Rani Mukerji got exchanged with another baby at the time of her birth)