Bollywood actress Sonakshi Sinha a self confessed foodie is having a food contest with Sanjay Kapoor, the producer of her upcoming film ‘Tevar’ co-starring Arjun Kapoor. Like Sonkashi, Sanjay Kapoor too loves food. The two of them bring out the choicest of the dishes from their kitchen on the sets of the film sending everyone in a tizzy tasting the yummy dishes.


As per sources, Sona and producer Sanjay Kapoor are die-hard foodies. Sonakshi Sinha may be flaunting a curvy figure after losing oodles of weight, but that doesn’t deter her from vying for the yummiest of delicacies on the sets of her next film.

“While Sanjay gets biryani, Sonakshi brings paaya from her kitchen. The team is happy since they get treated to a variety of delicious food.”

Sanjay adds, “It has now turned into a contest and in the bargain, everyone gets to enjoy.”

No wonder everyone on the sets of ‘Tevar’ has a pleased and contented expression on their faces.