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Anushka-Virat ‘marriage’ saga: When paparazzi turn pandit

Anushka-Virat ‘marriage’ saga: When paparazzi turn pandit

Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma love affair

*Click* *click* *click*

“Ma’am, are you getting married?”

“Sir, is Anushka getting married?”

“Where is the marriage?”

*Click* *flash* *Click*

These were some of the many questions that were posed at Anushka Sharma and her parents, with the mikes shoved in their faces and cameras blinding them with flashes. While the star and her family were visibly uncomfortable, the paparazzi took no cue and continued the endless saga of her getting married to beau Virat Kohli.

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So, let’s take you back some hours, or a few days. Virat Kohli reportedly applied for official leave, amidst the ongoing series, and the tongues started wagging. While the spokespersons denied the tiny spark of rumour to refute it before it turns into a wildfire, seems like they failed. Soon after, not only the dates of the wedding, but the venue also started doing rounds. It was said that the wedding would take place in the picturesque Italy, and the dates booked were 11th, 12th, and 13th of December.

Things went out of control when Anushka was spotted at the airport leaving for Italy, with her family, and hence the aforementioned questions and paparazzi quizzing. Each and every channel wanted an exclusive bite and hence the rush to get at least one word out of the celeb’s mouth. Hats off to Anushka though, who smiled her way through, without uttering a word, and even her parents who passed the storm of cameras.

Source: Yogen Shah


Source: Yogen Shah

This makes one ponder as a journalist. Is the quest to find that one exclusive quote so urgent that we absolutely shun the private space of the celebrity? Anushka and Virat are two intelligent and good-looking people who are dating each other, who speak about each other at public events, and whom our cameras love to spot together. But looks like paparazzi have turned pandit for them as they just want to see them both taking the matrimonial plunge.

Anushka has time and again said that whenever she would get married, the whole world would know. After all, why would she hide one of the most beautiful moments of her life? Why would any public figure, unless you are an Aditya Chopra (credit for this analogy goes to a colleague)?

Source: bollywoodnewsstories

You get the gist.

We have a give and take relationship with our stars, and we need to maintain a dignified distance too, because they deserve that space as humans. Hounding and pounding on their doors in a desperate attempt to turn a rumour into a reality doesn’t suit the graceful profession that ours is. For all we know, they may or may not be getting married, or Anushka might be off for a vacation with her family. But the assumptions should rest, or at least there should be inquisitions, not plain interference where you are invading the personal space of the star without considering the humane aspect of it.

Anushka and Virat, date away to glory. We will wait till you are ready to take the next step forward.

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'Padmaavat' row: How the affair is a blow on India's ever-existing gender struggle

“Two things form the bedrock of any open society- freedom of expression and rule of law. If you don’t have those things, you don’t have a free country,” wrote celebrated author Salman Rushdie. ‘The Satanic Verses’, Rushdie’s most controversial book partly inspired by the life of Prophet Muhammad that stirred a debate on various levels, was banned in India in 1988. Sure enough, not just the enlightened readers but the bureaucrats also knew a misdeed was being indulged on. 27 years later, in 2015, former finance minister P Chidambaram in a literary festival said, “I have no hesitation in saying that the ban was wrong”.

For the last few months, acts of protecting a mythical (will I be assassinated for using this term?) Queen‘s ‘dignity’ have occupied most of our social media mind-space. Demolition of sets, physical assaults on a veteran filmmaker, threats of beheading the actors, and a bounty on chopping off their body organs that originated from an overpowering sense of community prejudice, were to come to an end with the CBFC giving a green signal to release of ‘Padmaavat’. The Supreme Court, today, has lifted ban issued by six state Governments. But, is that worth a celebration?

The debate on cinematic liberty is a worn out one. How much imagination can be blended into how much fact, is best left to the artiste who fancies to tell his story. Agreed, in a country like India that boasts of vivid languages and folktales, we better not demean a particular identity or ideology, in the drive of being honest or expressive. Having said that, educating yourself to be open to opinions is a more progressive option than mastering the art of getting offended. And irrespective of which community you belong to, this applies to. In our sociopolitical structure, sadly, this is almost obsolete.

Precisely why, the mass response to ‘Padmaavat’ controversy is far more disappointing that a fringed group creating ruckus. Another acquiescence, that the inoperative state of openness and rationality lies far deep within.

A few days back, I woke to news of a group of Rajput women threatening to commit ‘Jauhar’ if the film releases. Whether it was a voluntary response to the situation or they were only being obligated by an organisation that claims to uphold their dignity, will remain a debate forever. In both cases, it raises the same question. Where are we heading to?

Going by statistics provided by the National Crime Records Bereau, a total number of 3,644 rape cases were filed in Rajasthan, in the year 2015, once reported Times of India. With this, Rajasthan acquired the third position in list of states with highest number of rape cases being reported. In the same state, a mythical queen’s dignity became so climacteric that the flag-bearers of dignity didn’t hesitate to issue threats on another woman. Sure enough, we are losing our minds. Hence, when women of the same state threaten to commit Jauhar (an act of sacrificing own lives rather than losing dignity to the opponent), whether willingly or reluctantly, because of a mere film, the menace is evident. Either the community bigotry is so deep-rooted that it takes over their own realisation of gender struggle; something they themselves have been fighting for decades now, knowingly or unknowingly! OR! The bigots are overpowering the sanes. Well, looks like they are! Either way, this is a huge, ironic blow; given that the queen in question is admired for putting her OWN honour against the evil.

Not long ago, I came across a social media post wherein the author accused Bhansali of portraying Peshwa Bajirao like a ‘Romeo’. “He instead of portraying Bajirao as a great warrior presented him as a weak Romeo,” he wrote. Hence, we should obviously NOT trust him with ‘Padmavati’, oops, ‘Padmaavat’.

‘Bajirao Mastani’ thoroughly glorified a warrior who not only showed great bravery at the war front, but fearlessly protected his own love interest till the moment he could. But more than that, to me, it was a more feminist film than many. It featured one Kashi Bai, a woman with a profound sense of dignity who never begged to be treated with more substance than Mastani, and Mastani herself, self-sufficient, beautiful and complementing her husband’s valour. If falling in love takes away Bajirao’s bravery for him, then I don’t know where are we heading with similar sort of wisdom.

Coming back to ‘Padmaavat’. The very fact that the self-proclaimed Rajput organisations blatantly refuse to even watch the film before they form an opinion, proves its baselessness and unencessity. In a few thousand years of civilisation, a few million communal conflicts gaze at us like enduring scars. We don’t need more of them.

To put it more simply, freedom of expression can’t be achieved by implementing a set of laws, until and unless we as citizens have assmmilated its cruciality.

Or should I say, The Satanic Verses of prejudice?

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Tiger Zinda Hai: Feminine, fierce and fatal, Katrina's Zoya is the real deal in the movie


I never thought a day would come when I would be sitting back to write a whole blog dedicated to Katrina Kaif‘s acting prowess, which has been painfully limited. Even after numerous accolades, including the coveted Smita Patil award, Katrina’s acting skills have so far been negligible, except for a few roles where she managed to hold her niche.

Looks like that is going to change. Here I am, already in awe of her, and that opinion has been changed because of one movie.

Image Source - Twitter (@yrf)

Not much of a Salman fan, I went to watch his latest offering ‘Tiger Zinda Hai’, just to catch the quintessential ‘Bhai’ elements and cheer along, with my friends and the other fans present in the vicinity. But something which I had not anticipated happened instead. After the movie, what I took away with me was the performance of Katrina Kaif as Zoya, someone who I had considered nothing more than hero’s arm candy in a movie full of stardom, muscle power and no logic, courtesy most of her previous cinematic outings.

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Proving everyone wrong, she totally blew everyone away. And why not? After all it is really difficult to even think of taking the seat away from Salman Khan from a movie dedicated solely to his star power. But the lady managed the same smoothly. Right from the opening sequence when her inner agent comes alive in a grocery store to the last one when she single-handedly takes on the terrorists, Katrina is a treat to watch.

Image Source - YouTube, Giphy

How many actresses can boast of having action sequences dedicated solely to them? Further, how many can boast of pulling them off with panache? Very few. And now, we can count Katrina amongst them. If Tiger gets his own movie as a RAW agent, Katrina as Zoya the ISI agent is no less, and in no way undermined in front of Salman. In fact, many times she is shown to save their skins. Well, that’s woman empowerment, or in the words of Paresh Rawal‘s character, “Yeh khatarnaak aurat bhabhi hain?”

Oh yeah, you go woman!

Image Source - Twitter (@aliabbaszafar)

We see various facets of Katrina in the movie and she manages to shine in every frame. So much so, that you look forward to her sequences. Be it the time when she is angry at her husband for having forgotten their anniversary, or when she is happy as he gives her a surprise, to the time she arrives as an agent, or even when her fierce motherly instincts come alive to save the child who had been brainwashed to kill himself and countless others, Katrina is a treat to watch.

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This is not the first time we have loved a female character in a Salman Khan movie, which has the presence of Bhai to please his fans, in every sequence. Last year’s ‘Sultan’ too had Anushka Sharma as Aarfa who despite the criticism of her cliched choice of choosing motherhood over her career, stood by her stance. This was a character that made everyone stand up and notice an actress in a Salman Khan movie.

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Mere words will do no justice to Katrina’s Zoya. Watch the movie and whether or not you retain the muscle action of Salman or even the heavily photoshopped shirtless body, you will come home with Zoya, the ISI agent who is as fierce as she is feminine, as loving as she is destructive. Take a bow.

And yes, after all this when you are recuperating from the mind blowing stunts she has pulled off, you get her shaking her booty like a glamorous diva, in ‘Swag Se Swagat’.

Image Source - YouTube, Giphy

Looks like she has arrived, finally. She does have a long way to go, but it’s a start, it’s a start.

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