Has the Indian film industry truly evolved over the years?

In 2013, the Indian film industry celebrated 100 glorious years of Indian cinema. It was indeed a proud moment for each one in the fraternity as the iconic industry achieved this significant feat. The industry has evolved a lot all these years, no doubt. But have we actually ‘evolved’ over these years in true sense of the term? Well, in terms of technology, yes! Eloquent sets, fabulous VFX, exquisite locations and brilliant cinematography, totally. But what about the issues like casting couch, wage gap, body shaming and more? Sadly, these evils still find place in the industry, even today.

It was not long ago when Ranveer Singh revealed that he had encountered a situation in his days of struggle where he was asked to ‘compromise’. He further revealed that the when he refused to do so, the person who asked for it was disappointed like a jilted lover. The trauma that struggling actors underwent painted a dark picture of the glamour world. It was prevalent then and it prevails today! So what exactly has changed? It’s just that the actors now have the courage to come out in the open and talk about it, rest remains same.

In times when we talk so much about gender equality, women empowerment and such other things, another sad yet true fact remains that women are paid less than their male counterparts. And it is no different in Bollywood. No less is the effort put in by our actresses, they go to every extent to deliver their best. So why this discrimination? Priyanka Chopra and Deepika Padukone are two women who are making it big in Hollywood. Even our leading Khans haven’t achieved this feat. This discrimination based on wage is simply ludicrous. We are just glad that actresses like Anushka Sharma and Priyanka Chopra had the guts to come out in open and say it aloud that sexism exists in the industry.

Body shaming is another evil that persists in the industry. Are you an overweight with a curvy body, still aspiring to be an actress? Get ready to face disappointments at multiple levels. This might sound rude, but it is the harsh reality. Although perceptions are changing, but slowly. It seems to be very long before the definition of an ideal feminine beauty will undergo a radical change.

Can we still say that Indian film industry has evolved? Merely creating numerous films does not contribute to a glorifying history, these issues need to be addressed. It’s about time the clouds fade, and the so-called dark side of Bollywood brightens up.

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