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Don’t be judgemental! Watch Kangana Ranaut-Rajkummar Rao’s quirky film for Kanika Dhillon

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They say one should keep their personal life away from work. But what happens when your personal views start to hamper your professional conduct? Time and again, I have faced the dilemma of not judging a piece of art on the basis of the people associated with it. And I am sure for everyone, it becomes difficult to be strictly objective after a given point of time.

The infamous spat between Kangana Ranaut and a journalist led to a certain section of the media imposing a ban on the actress for her unruly behaviour. When asked to issue an apology, the actress straightforwardly refused. So the media continued to impose its ban on the actress. That one incident led to the rise of unnecessary controversy and at the end of the day, who suffered? Kangana? Of course not. Media? No way. The film ‘Judgementall Hai Kya’? Perhaps yes.

‘Judgementall Hai Kya’ majorly received positive reviews from critics but there are still some of my friends and colleagues who are still wondering if they should watch the film or not.

What happened between Kangana and that reporter is not the ideal way of how things should have been. But is it fair to judge an entire film on the basis of that one incidence? Is it fair to run down an entire film which is a result of the collective hard work of so many people? And it’s not like the film entirely belongs to Ranaut so why make a collective piece of art suffer just because of one person?

With every passing day, Kangana grabs headlines for various reasons. And being her fan (yes, I am not calling myself her ‘former fan’), it becomes difficult to subtract her personal thoughts from her ability to create avant-garde cinema.

We have to learn to separate art from artists. I may not agree with many of the thoughts endorsed by Kangana off-screen but I am an avid admirer of her work on screen. To be honest, we all are in awe of her talent so let’s just judge the film from that perspective.

I went to watch the film because I was intrigued by its trailer and so many other talents like Rajkummar Rao and Kanika Dhillon are associated with this film. Why let one person’s mistake undo the hard work of all of them?

There’s no doubt that National award winners Rao and Ranaut are a treat for sore eyes in this film. They have nailed their respective parts as eccentric murder suspects in this comedy-thriller. But in my opinion, this film totally belongs to only one person and that’s Kanika Dhillon. She has not just penned the story, but has also written the film’s screenplay and dialogues.

Every single frame of the film is sheer brilliance. The character graph of Bobby and Keshav never makes you miss the beat of the story. They both equally demand your sympathy as well as raise your suspicion. The film’s climax, where mythology gets intermingled with the reality of Bobby and Keshav, deserves an applause.

It’s commendable that Kanika was able to translate her vision on the celluloid so effectively. Everything, right from the characters’ costume to the film’s background, is of a top-notch quality. While the film is not devoid of flaws, it totally deserves a chance. And that’s how Bollywood filmmakers will start thinking out of the box and bring fresh ideas on the table. Writers like Kanika (who has given us some gems like ‘Kedarnath’ and ‘Manmarziyaan’) needs the audience’s encouragement to come up with more original and engrossing stories. Also, the validation at the box office is needed for more and more financers to have confidence in writers like Dhillon.

Believe me, take a cue from the film’s tagline i.e trust no one. Don’t be judgmental by what you are hearing or reading about the film, go and watch it for yourself and then decide whether it actually deserves all the praise that’s coming its way.

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