Kangana Ranaut, is it necessary to badmouth Rihanna just to prove your political point?

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Who is unaware of Kangana Ranaut‘s antics over social media in the past few years? You would have to be living under a rock to have not heard of Kangana’s varied philosophies and political views. While it’s a good thing that she is one of the very few actresses (or even actors) who are vocal about political issues in the country. It’s a good thing, very commendable and I applaud it with an open heart. But what’s not commendable is that she is political about everything.

There is a fine line between being a fan of someone and that turning to blind faith. I personally have faced the same thing. When Sachin Tendulkar used to score a string of dismal performances, I used to defend him always in front of my friends and colleagues saying that he is God, and he can’t go wrong and will bounce back. He used to bounce back without a doubt with a great performance, but today when I look back in hindsight there really were some series’ where Sachin Tendulkar didn’t perform that well. It’s a part and parcel of the game. But my blind faith, at that time, hindered me from noticing that. The same thing seems to be happening to Kangana Ranaut when it comes to her political views.

Kangana has always been vocal about women’s rights and always made sure that she stood up for women who’re being given a tough hand by the film industry. She always supports them in their endeavour and never badmouths them. But when people go slightly against her political views, she goes about doing such a huge hue and cry which makes me wonder why is she the same person who used to have such good opinions about the politics of the nation!

Whenever Kangana is being referred to as over critical or trying to create chaos by stirring up people, she always says that people are trying to demean her words and also trying to shun her away. But when the same thing other people do, which are slightly against her political opinions, she herself seems to badmouth people and call them names. Is that even right?

Kangana always claims that people give her varied tags and labels, but what does she do when other people give out opinions which aren’t aligned with her? Doesn’t she give them tags and compare them to other celebs? Doesn’t she badmouth the way they work? Isn’t that exactly what she did to Rihanna? And why so, just because her political opinions differed from Kangana’s?

Just a piece of advice Kangana, when you get so vocal about the democracy of the nation, just remember that in a democracy every person has the right to voice out their opinion. And their views may be different from your own, and maybe totally against what you stand for, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have the right to express their opinion. Rihanna isn’t an Indian, and the rights of the Indian constitution don’t bind her. But as a world citizen, the rules of democracy don’t change from country to country. If you believe in democracy, at least have the decency to hear out what the other party has to say and not start badmouthing them at the very mention of something that you don’t vouch for.

Rihanna didn’t badmouth you. She didn’t tag you. She didn’t call you names. Then why stoop so low as to start badmouthing a fellow female celebrity. As you consider yourself such a high epitome of Indian values, does using such words for a lady suit the sanctity of an Indian woman?

Let’s hope Kangana, going forward you will give others also the same sort of respect which you hope that others should give you always. It’s always two-way traffic, Kangana.

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