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Kangana Ranaut: Highly misunderstood or supremely arrogant?

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Kangana Ranaut? Rebellious, talented, mercurial, controversial, hardworking, anti-establishment, self-made individual and the list can go on and on. Now, Kangana Ranaut finds herself in trouble yet again (no surprises there!). The three-time national-award winning actress’ new film ‘Manikarnika: The Queen of Jhansi’ has released and she has again been vilified and crucified by certain people from the Hindi film industry.

We all know that ‘Manikarnika’ faced all sorts of problems and the original director Krish pulled out midway from the project citing personal reasons. Now, the co-director of this historical drama has been giving a series of interviews and saying Kangana Ranaut insulted him, didn’t give him due respect and messed up the film big time. The director also called Kangana rude and a difficult person to work with.

Naturally, quite a few people have joined this bandwagon and are taking cheap shots and distasteful barbs at the ‘Queen’ actress. For the record, for a woman-centric film, ‘Manikarnika’ is doing quite well and has just earned over Rs 50 crore at the box office since its release.

So why is Kangana Ranaut been targeted time and time again? Is Kangana really that bad a person or the perception being created around her is false and a case of vendetta?

Kangana Ranaut is a rebel and an arrogant person. But when it comes to dedication and hardwork for a film, she leaves no stone unturned. She gives her blood, sweat, and tears for the project. Kangana has won three national awards and you just don’t reach that level by being cocky.

The great thing about Kangana is that she doesn’t play to the gallery and is not part of any cozy club run by male actors and directors.

Kangana Ranaut is a straight shooter and has balls to call out hypocrisy and doublespeak of this great Bollywood. Many critics and so-called experts have often said that she plays the women card and victim card too often, but what other choice does she have?

Kangana Ranaut rises like a phoenix after every setback and is a true warrior.

Kangana Ranaut doesn’t come from a filmy family and is not related to a Chopra, Khan, Johar, Kapoor. The ‘Gangster’ actress has always been ridiculed and made fun of by the so-called representatives of the industry and they can’t stand someone like Kangana because she can call out their hypocrisy and bigotry.

Kangana has always taken names, which are influential and are in a position to determine your destiny and have rubbed them the wrong way.

The actress comes from a small state in India i.e. Himachal Pradesh. She is a flawed human being and she would be the first one to admit that. Kangana believes in herself immensely and is a very proud individual. The ‘Simran’ actress is an out and out feminist and not a pseudo one. She is a self-made individual and she doesn’t need anyone’s certificate or approval.

In the wake of the #MeToo movement, we thought that Bollywood (especially its leading actresses) would come out and fight the injustices. But it is very sad and heartbreaking that the likes of Alia Bhatt, Anushka Sharma, Sonam Kapoor, Deepika Padukone, Katrina Kaif, Vidya Balan, Shraddha Kapoor and other so-called feminist actresses have never spoken in favour of Kangana or shown any solidarity with her.

Kangana Ranaut is not everyone’s cup of tea and she doesn’t even pretend to be. But Kangana is a very genuine and affectionate person and will stand by her principles and values no matter what the consequences are. Kangana is and always will be calling out the bluff of Bollywood. We need more people like Kangana, who can call spade a spade and just don’t go through the motions to protect their cozy club.

One thing is for sure, whether you like Kangana Ranaut or not, you cannot afford to ignore her.

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