This is why the youth needs to look up to Nana Patekar

Nana Patekar was born to a lower middle class family. His father Dinkar Patekar was a painter by profession. Since his early days Nana showed a keen interest in acting and drama. He also actively participated in numerous inter-college dramatic competitions.

Seeing all sorts of hardships in his life and career, Nana Patekar has emerged to be one of the most talented actor in Bollywood. The actor has struggled his way to the top and has made his mark in the industry with his power-packed award winning performances in movies like Krantiveer, Ab Tak Chappan, Tiranga, Apaharan and many more.

Not many know about the other side of Nana Patekar. He is a very serious person in real life who does not really care about what is being talked about him in the media. He is known for his straight forward nature and views, be it on the Sanjay Dutt verdict or the farmers suicide issue.

Coming from a poor family background Nana Patekar landed in Mumbai with bigger dreams in his eyes. He started his initial survival in the city by earning through drawing zebra crossing lines on the busy Mumbai roads. He used this money to fund his education and basic needs.

As soon as he got noticed into theatre, the veteran actor was then flooded with movie offers to which he justified by delivering brilliant performances.

May be a surprise to many, the veteran actor donates almost all his earnings to charity. Not just charity, for 30 years Nana Patekar has supported his friends and their families financially and is continuing to do so. One always wonders that Bollywood Celebs have huge mansions or bungalows in which they live a lavish life, but Nana lives with his mother in a 1 BHK flat in Mumbai Suburbs with a thought that his life goes well even staying in a small house. The actor also recently donated Rs. 15,000 each to the 62 families of farmers who committed suicide.

Thank You sir for being such an Inspiration to the youth. You are someone today’s young generation should look up to.