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Adah Sharma delivered a terrific performance in Sudipto Sen’s The Kerala Story. The Kerala Story has received a good response from the audience. The Sudipto Sen directorial has already entered the Rs 200 crore mark at the box office. And well, the numbers are growing day by day. Adah, who is enjoying the film’s success, recently sat down for an exclusive interview with Bollywood Bubble. The actress got candid about The Kerala Story’s success at the box office and even expressed her take on the Oscars hope for her film.

Adah Sharma opens up on The Kerala Story success

Talking about the film’s success, Adah said, “It doesn’t sink in. I don’t know how something like this is supposed to sink in. I’ll acknowledge is of course, I’m not dismissing it. It’s very cool now like everyday it’s new records and everything. This film is usually when one person gives a crore film and you say it’s that person’s film but this film for me is like the whole nation’s film. Internationally people are taking it up as their cause, taking it as their film, they are the flagbearers of the film. We have people telling us that you’ve made the film, now promotions leave it to us. People on bikes are holding the pictures, people on roads are standing with it. So, the success is everybody’s. I can’t just say its mine, it’s so many peoples.”

The Kerala Story in Oscars?

Furthermore, when asked if she thinks The Kerala Story has the capacity to be considered for the race of Oscars, Adah said, “I think it has definitely proved that it has the capacity to go international because now it’s released internationally.”

She added, “And now, thank God I’m happy that it finally after a while it released in the UK. It’s Canada, America and we are now getting people from there who are talking about it because now people can’t say propaganda, agenda because those people can’t have the same political thing as here. It’s different in America and London from here. So, I think it gives the movie so much more credibility even when someone from the outside who has nothing related to our election, our politics, or our political ideology of whatever.”

Adah went on to add that The Kerala Story is receiving a lot of love internationally and that ‘it feels nice. Love from anywhere is great but when somebody gives it that credibility also it feels good.’

Produced by Vipul Shah, The Kerala Story released in theatres on May 5. Apart from Adah Sharma, it also stars Sonia Balani, Yogita Bihani, and Siddhi Idnani and others.

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