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Sonali Bendre is a doting mother to her son Ranveer. She often shares photos with him which speaks volumes of the bond that they share with each other. In an exclusive interview with Bollywood Bubble, Sonali opened up about her son Ranveer’s battle with asthma. She also revealed how difficult it is for her as a mother to see her son go through it.

Here’s what Sonali Bendre said about her son Ranveer

For the uniniatied, Sonali recently became the face of a campaign aimed at raising awareness about Asthma in kids. So, when asked what made her say ‘yes’ to the campaign, Sonali said, “My son is asthmatic. For me, that is the connect, and hence you know you start looking at it what are the causes and it’s a non-communicable disease. So, what happens is because nobody else around is getting affected by it, you don’t think of it as something that’s an illness or a disease, only the family or the child is affected or the person I would say is struggling through it.”

Sonali added, “So, first of all to get it diagnosed, to understand what it is and then there are so many myths that are surrounding asthma, and there are lot of things that… I’m not a doctor so I cannot say that ‘this is what it should be and shouldn’t be’ but what I can say is that allergies or pollution, it’s really on the rise and this is the way we are living and this is the world our children are growing up in. So, how do we make it easier? So, yes of course, you make the environment better, you reduce the pollutions, all that is great but that doesn’t solve a mother’s problem which is instant at that point when a child is not able to breathe.”

The actress added, “When a child can’t breathe and when you see that as a parent, it’s scary. The whole world comes to a standstill and nothing else really matters. Breath is so important and that’s life. When your child can’t breathe, it’s the most scary thing a mother can go through or parents can go through.”

Sonali also opened up about her father’s battle with asthma and how things are looking for him now. Sonali shared, “My father is asthmatic so I’ve grown up seen him go through asthma and it was scary. So, for me it was a process that started at that time from my childhood. I mean at point of time when you can’t breathe, we didn’t know if my father will survive or not.” The actress added that even when she entered into movies, her father was still struggling with it. Adding to that, Sonali said that he is now 86 years old and is doing much better.

Coming back to her son, Sonali shared that her son is ‘quite sorted with what he needs to do to take care of his health’.

Sonali opens up on her bond with son Ranveer

Sonali said, “As of now, considering that he’s in the throes of his teenage years, it’s been good.” She added that her battle with cancer made her son independent and that ‘he started taking care of a lot of things by himself’.

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