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Katrina Kaif’s doppelganger is a TikTok star and she’s winning the internet with her twinning pics

It might be surprising but there are seven look-alikes of you in the world. So, don’t be surprised if you come across one of the seven doppelgangers of yours. Our celebs too have their doppelgangers. From Hrithik Roshan, Tiger Shroff, Priyanka Chopra, Akshay Kumar to Saif Ali Khan, many celebs have their look-alikes.

Also, Katrina Kaif has her look-alike and she is a TikTok star. She looks similar to the actress and we are not joking. Her name is Alina Rai and has 4.39 K followers on TikTok. She has 31.4 K followers on Instagram. She describes herself as an actor and a fashion blogger.

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7 pictures of Alina Rai that proves she is a carbon copy of Katrina Kaif.

1. Pretty Pink

2.  Going traditional

3. Bold in Black

4. Sizzling

5. Smoky Hot

6. Breezy

7. Dazzling

Have a look at this picture of Katrina Kaif.

Now check this.

Are you surprised to see the pictures of Alina Rai? Go to her Instagram and TikTok handles and you can see more pictures and videos where she is resembling Katrina Kaif.

A few months back we came across a doppelganger of Salman Khan. He is also a TikTok star and his name is Najeem Khan. He doesn’t only look like Salman but also acts and dresses like the actor. If you go through his TikTok account, you can see videos of Najeem.

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