Friends: The Reunion: From Ross and Rachel on a BREAK to Mondler romance; FIVE major revelations made

After watching the 1:44 long episode of Friends: The Reunion, one can easily say that those were the most comforting hours of 2021. The cast Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc, Matthew Perry, David Schwimmer came together for the first time in 17 years to discuss Friends and take us through memory lane. The tear-jerky episode will leave you many answers unknown.

Directed by Ben Winston, Friends: The Reunion also saw several guests making an appearance. From the biggest boy band on the planet BTS to David Beckham, Justin Bieber, and more, shared their favourite memory from the show. Besides, the cast interacted with each other and even got emotional as they shared some revelations and gave fans some closures they waited for 17 years for.

The FIVE major revelations made on Friends: The Reunion are:

Were Ross and Rachel on a BREAK?

Friends, we finally have the answer. For any Friends fan, the biggest question ever was about Rachel and Ross and their endless ‘we were on a break’ saga. That was surely a breaking point in any conversation with fans divided over it. Well, Rachel aka Jennifer Aniston has today accepted that ‘YES, they were on a break.’ Yes, when host James Corden asked the cast if the two were on a break, Jennifer was the first to accept it followed by everyone in the cast especially David who had ‘I told you’ written on his face.


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Monica and Chandler becoming Mondler

One of the iconic scenes of the show has to be ‘The One with The Proposal’ when Monica gets down on her knees to propose marriage to Chandler. But did you know that Monica and Chandler’s love story was not something the makers had planned on paper? “It was supposed to end with the London track,” revealed creators but the response to the track made them think there is more to them. Well, thank god for that.


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David Schwimmer and Jennifer Aniston REVEALED they had a major crush on each other

When James Corden cheekily asked the cast if any off-screen romances brewed between the cast members, David revealed that he had a huge crush on Jennifer when they started, to which, Jennifer added that the feelings were reciprocated. The duo accepted that they had a huge crush on each other as they filmed together but they didn’t act on it because they were dating different people. Jennifer even confessed sharing with David that it would be so bumming if ‘they shared their first kiss for the show’ and that is exactly what happened. She also shared that they channelled all their admiration for each other in scenes for Ross and Rachel.


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Matthew Perry on being anxious about the live audience reactions

During a conversation with the cast, Matthew Perry revealed that he would get ‘anxious’ and have ‘convulsions’ considering the reactions of the live audience to the jokes. He confessed that he would take a lot of performance pressure back then which is quite unhealthy!


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Lisa Kudrow on if they would do another season to Friends or a movie

Lisa Kudrow has finally ended the long-awaited question we Friends fan harboured in our hearts. Will there be a season of Friends or a movie? Lisa mentioned that the creators ended the show on a happy note and she would personally not like to unravel that happy ending. “I don’t want anybody’s happy ending unravelled,” Lisa shared.

Friends: The Reunion aired on HBO Max on May 27. In India, it is being premiered on Zee5.

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