Money Heist 5 Vol 2 PROMO: As Professor is missing, the gang plans to walk out of the Bank of Spain alive- watch

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Spoiler Alert! La Casa de Papel aka Money Heist Season 5 has made everyone emotional after Tokyo was executed by Gandia and Tamayo’s team as they invaded the Bank of Spain. As things have got a lot worse with Tokyo’s death, in the last episode of season 5 Vol 1, Professor was completely shattered as he locked himself in the bathroom. Now, the gang is still stuck in the heist and they have switched on the survival mode. Netflix recently shared an exclusive clip of Money Heist season 5 vol 2 where we can see Professor has gone missing while the gang plans about the gold or to live. 

In the video, Lisbon is seen trying to contact Professor who is unavailable. She says the professor has ‘disappeared’ while they discuss how to get the gold out or to walk out of the Bank of Spain alive which is currently their sole motive. However, as they discuss the gold and to survive, Denver, Rio, Palermo, Stockholm, Manila, Lisbon get into an argument. Well, it is now to be seen how they take out the gold and how they survive the mission with no Tokyo and no professor. The series has kept everyone at the edge of the seat.

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Meanwhile, in the previous season, we saw inspector Alicia Sierra found out Professor’s hideout while tying him up to get the information about the heist. As she failed to do so, on the other hand, Lisbon entered the Bank of Spain to move forward with the plan. Things go downhill when Tamayo sent his team inside that took away Tokyo’s life while injuring Helsinki. 

We also saw Alicia giving birth to a Baby girl with the help of the professor but she was seen hiding a pair of scissors inside her sleeves, giving us an idea that she might wanted to hurt the professor again.

For now, Money Heist season 5 vol 2 will be premiering on December 3 on Netflix and fans simply can’t wait for it.

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