Vikrant Rona Review: Kiccha Sudeep shines bright in a gloomy and slow-paced suspense thriller

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Film: Vikrant Rona

Director: Anup Bhandari

Star cast: Kichcha Sudeep, Nirup Bhandari, Neetha Ashok and Jacqueline Fernandez

Bollywood Ratings: 2.5/ 5 stars




Vikrant Rona movie review: 

After I watched the trailer of Vikrant Rona, I was quite amazed by the plot and the genre. I was really looking forward to the movie but unfortunately, the movie didn’t hit me hard as it was supposed to be, it failed to leave an impact on me. It is a story about a remote rainforest which has a lot of secrets. Enters a fearless cop who tries to put all the puzzle pieces together. Though the twist was quite engaging, it was the execution that seemed like a dud to me. Before the intermission too many things were happening, instead of coming to the point. It seemed a little farfetched until we come to the second half of the film.

Since Vikrant Rona is touted to be a suspense thriller, it added a lot of jump scares and horror elements that made me a little confused. Due to the convoluted plot, I can see one not getting connected to the film.


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It is a tale of a remote village in the middle of a tropical rainforest that starts witnessing a series of unexplainable events that the people of the village attribute to the supernatural. However, a police officer named Vikrant Rona comes to the village to solve the mystery which is also related to his life. But will he solve the case? Will he save the villagers from the terror that The Forest is hiding?

Star Performance: 

Kiccha Sudeep plays the police officer Vikrant Rona who is fearless and sharp. He looks rough and tough but his emotional side will make you feel for him. Sudeep looks suave and handsome. It goes without saying but the actor very convincingly played his character. With his baritone voice and of course, the loaded swag, Sudeep’s presence demands all the right kinds of attention. 

Jacqueline Fernandez is in a cameo as Raquel D’Costa aka Gadang Rakkamma. She is a performer in the village who helps Vikrant Rona to make him reach his goal. She is in a very limited screen time but casts magic with her beauty and charm.

Nirup Bhandari plays the role of Sanjeev Gambhira aka Sanju. He is seen as a lover boy but there’s more to him than meets the eyes. Nirup does a commendable job.

Neetha Ashok essays the role of Aparna Ballal aka Panna becomes the love interest of Sanju. Nothing more to say, she does a fair job and manages to impress us with her act.

Direction/ Screenplay:

The film is directed and written by Anup Bhandari which will entice you probably in the second half of the film. Usually, in the first half, the director tries to establish the characters and then leads to the climax; however, it different case in Vikrant Rona for me. I wasn’t quite impressed with the first part which looked quite haywire to me but the second half not only picked up the pace but also demanded my attention.

I liked that Anup didn’t try to add unnecessary drama to it. Being true to the genre, he builds up the suspense till the end. Yes, I would have loved it if a few songs were eliminated from the film. Vikrant Rona could have been a little cohesive before the intermission as there were parts where I was losing my interest and my attention span.

Talking about the action sequences, it was well choreographed and executed. They have perfectly placed the slow motion effect which enhances the film. However, the film has also been released in 3D which doesn’t make any difference as it doesn’t add any cinematic value. Vikrant Rona can easily be enjoyed in normal 2D.


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Overall, Vikrant Rona starring Kiccha Sudeep tries to showcase an intense suspense thriller but has a low impact. I will go with 2.5 stars just because of Kiccha Sudeep’s stellar performance and for the climax.

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