EXCLUSIVE: Kiccha Sudeepa on Bollywood Vs South: You cannot say that every film that comes out from Hindi is good

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Actor Kiccha Sudeepa has always been vocal about his thoughts and opinions. The actor has even made it to the headlines at times, for his statements. We sat down the actor for a conversation recently. In an exclusive chat with us, Kiccha Sudeepa spoke about the Bollywood Vs South divide. He spoke at length about the success of South films and the movies like RRR and KGF Chapter 2 being accepted in the Hindi belts.

The Vikrant Rona actor told Bollywood Bubble, “Bollywood has had felt superior; Hindi film industry has had felt superior because they were superior. They were doing better films. They were doing better businesses. The penetrations were high all over the world. It’s not just India. We in South India also used to see so many Hindi films. And everywhere, the releases would be theatrical releases is what matters. So the theatrical releases were very high. We never had theatrical releases.

He added, “Now theatrical releases have opened up for even South because there is a need for this Entertainment. And people are showing interest in walking into theatres. Earlier too, there were attempts to make theatrical releases, but then I guess, you know they were all waiting for satellites. And, Satellite penetration had happened a long back, way way long back, more then two decades I guess you know. It was very huge. It was a matter of time before we hit the theatres.


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Kiccha Sudeepa continued, “And I guess, now things are matching up. So that’s why you’re finding it equal and sometimes you’re finding it superior, sometimes you’re finding the other industry superior. Depends on what films are coming up. But, if you do not do what makes you feel superior, why would it be there. Now I think films are coming out and you cannot say that every film that comes out from Hindi is good. Every film that comes out from South is good.

The actor added, “There are lots of great films coming out from every industry of India. It’s not just one or two industries. But, I think, couple of films are enough, to you know position a particular language in the global positioning. I guess it’s not just Indian per se. So I guess it’s happening right now and I think we should just accept the happening then look into it, diagnose it, analyze it and then get into the debate of who’s good, who’s superior.

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