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Film: Kathal

Director: Yashowardhan Mishra

Star cast: Sanya Malhotra, Rajpal Yadav, Vijay Raaz, Vikram Pratap, Anant Joshi, Gurpal Singh, Neha Saraf, Meghna Agarwal

Bollywood Bubble ratings: 1.5/5 stars

Kathal REVIEW:

Sanya Malhotra and Rajpal Yadav starrer Kathal is now streaming on Netflix. The movie is about a police officer named Mahima who is on an investigation to find the thief who stole a precious Kathal from a Politician’s house. The movie revolves around the mystery of the missing Kathal where the entire police department is behind this one case.


A local politician whose prized jackfruits go missing and a young police officer is appointed to solve this bizarre case. However, due to the course, she not only solves the case but also faces the real truth of her job. But will she find out the mystery around Kathal going missing? What does she realise after being appointed in this case?

Highlights of Kathal:

The quirky storyline: The story of Kathal is quite quirky and it was never seen before. I mean how many movies have you seen where there’s an investigation on a missing fruit or vegetable? But it gets too stretched and too unreal at one point in time.

Vijay Raaz’s performance: Vijay was too good in the movie and that’s why he has to be one of the highlights in the movie. I enjoyed his performance throughout the movie. From his comic timing to his egoistic attitude, Vijay portrays the character with perfect ease. He fits the bill perfectly.

Drawbacks of Kathal:

Again the storyline: Yes, it is quirky but I like said it too dragged and feels unreal. Well, first, which police department will actually solve a ‘kathal missing’ case? It’s like the police have no other better case apart from solving this jackfruit mystery. Plus, it is a fruit, can’t they just wait for another Kathal to grow? Hence, I said it was unreal and dragged. It’s not something people will buy so easily.

Execution and screenplay: Considering that it is about a missing jackfruit, we get to see quite a few scenes jumbled. There were two events running at the same time, making it look a bit confusing and tangled. In some parts, I felt a lot of things are happening in one movie and I couldn’t keep up with the pace. Mishra also adds casteism in the movie which doesn’t seem relevant for a movie like Kathal.

Music: Music has no integral contribution to the movie and doesn’t leave an impact.

Star Performances:

Sanya Malhotra plays the titular role in Kathal. She essays the role of Sub Inspector Mahima Basor who is very professional in her job. She is someone who will go to any extent to solve any case. Sanya does a decent job playing the police officer.

Rajpal Yadav is simply fantastic on his part. The actor essays the role of a reporter and I enjoyed his performance. Anant Joshi essays the role of a constable Saurabh does a fair job. Other supporting cast like Vikram Pratap, Gurpal Singh, Neha Saraf, Meghna Agarwal and others have also done a decent job with their roles in the movie.


Concluding my Kathal review, Sanya Malhotra and Rajpal Yadav starrer is not something that will leave you impressed. The movie is neither hilarious nor gripping. And quite far from being mysterious. It is interesting in bits and parts.

Watch the Kathal trailer after the review:

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