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KGF is one of the most loved movie franchise and KGF: Chapter 2 is already making quite the buzz ahead of its release. We sat down for an exclusive chat on Bollywood Bubble with KGF: Chapter 2 stars Yash and Srinidhi Shetty and they opened up about some hilarious secrets about their director Prashanth Neel on a fun segment of Who’s Most likely too.

When asked, who likes to do more takes even after giving the perfect take, Yash agreed to doing so. Srinidhi then added, “See he has the liberty to say that ‘I will do one more take’, but I am never happy. But then director will say ‘Mujhe accha laga, toh chuk baitho.’ So I have to sit quietly.” When asked if director Prashanth Neel was a taskmaster when it came to filming the movie?, Yash said, “No, he gets what he wants and he is very focused, passionate and he supports every actor in such a way that he brings out the best in everybody.”


When asked if there have been any disagreements, “My formula is either you convince me or I’ll convince you.” Further, we asked the KGF 2 actors, who was Prashant Neel’s favourite on set, Yash replied, “Rocky, whoever plays Rocky.” Who gets the most amount of scolding from the director, Srinidhi said, “I think everybody who he thinks they’re slacking off. Like technicians or someone.


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Yash added, “He loves them the most. Yellings are also like motivating. We have fun that way. If you ever come to our sets you will think that we are uncivilised, it is chaotic. Especially a mice in his hand will be very annoying.” Further praising him, Yash said, “Director is the captain of the ship. His vision, his clarity, he is super talented. He is one of the best we have, he is just begging, it is just part of what he is capable of doing. People are saying this is big, massive, biggest. I know him very well, we discussed a lot of things, and he’s got a lot of potential to do much more.”

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