Bigg Boss 14 runner up Rahul Vaidya on marriage plans with Disha Parmar: We’ll start planning from tomorrow

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Bigg Boss 14 got its runner-up in singer Rahul Vaidya. Rahul’s journey inside the house was definitely something worth a mention. From making a space for himself amid established actors to performing tasks to T, Rahul was truly a well-deserving candidate. In an exclusive candid chat, he opened up on his wedding plans with Disha Parmar, his fights and arguments with Rubina Dilaik, if he regrets anything at all and more.

Rahul Vaidya proposed marriage to Disha Parmar on national TV on her birthday back in October. After a long wait, Disha finally revealed her answer on Valentine’s Day, and declared her love for him. She entered the BB 14 house and said, ‘Yes, I will marry you!’ This moment is touted as one of the best moments of BB 14.

Ask Rahul Vaidya what ahead after proposing Disha Parmar and her acceptance, Rahul promptly replies, “Marriage. Marriage is on the cards.” He continued, “Now, I have just gotten some time. From tomorrow onwards, we will get onto planning. We will have to see when what is available, families will meet. I will meet her, and compensate for all the backlog.”

Take a look at Rahul Vaidya opening up on marriage plans with Disha Parmar here:

When asked if he thought he’d be in the top 2, when he started his journey, Rahul shared, “It was not a surprise, but not that I had thought of it also. I was very neutral and just being myself. Honestly, when I got into this show (Bigg Boss 14) my sole intention was to make new fans and gather some new love, which I got. I have made some new RKVians, so I am extremely happy, and I’ve discovered a lot of flaws about me.

“Every human being has some flaws, I want to overcome that, some of which I already have. I wanted to live this journey, so I could just gather new love, which I have managed to do, so I am very happy,” he added and concluded.

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