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‘Bigg Boss 13’: Asim Riaz REACTS to channel’s alleged employee’s allegations of the show being fixed

Image Source - Instagram

The 13th season of ‘Bigg Boss‘ will remain one of the most controversial seasons so far. Despite the show coming to an end, it is still grabbing headlines for all the wrong reasons. An alleged employee of Colors channel has claimed that the makers ensured Sidharth Shukla won the show despite him receiving fewer votes as compared to Asim Riaz. Sidharth was declared the winner of ‘Bigg Boss 13’ and ever since then the rumours of the show being fixed refuses to slow down.

Now Asim has finally reacted to these allegations of the alleged employee. The first runner-up clearly stated that the show wasn’t rigged at all.

The alleged employee identified as Feriha, in her tweet had said, “I have decided to quit my job at @ColorsTV. I had a tremendous time working with the creative department but I can’t demean myself being part of a fixed show. The channel is keen on making Siddharth Shukla the winner despite less votes. Sorry, I can’t be part of it(sic).”

Even Asim’s fans were upset over the fact that he didn’t win the show. Now as per an IANS report, Asim refuting all these allegations said, “Nothing of that sort happened. Nothing was fixed.. I reached this far and he (Sidharth) won the show thanks to all the live of the audience. So, nothing is fixed… it’s just real. Whatever happened is there before your eyes and nothing of that sort happened).”

Feriha’s allegations against the channel had created a frenzy on social media, however, her claims of being an ex-employee of Colors is highly questionable. Also, several twitter users had called out her being fake stating that she is not even an Indian national.

With Asim dismissing all these rumours of the show being rigged let’s hope that there are no more speculations regarding the same.

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