EXCLUSIVE: Bigg Boss 15: Vidhi Pandya believes Afsana Khan takes advantage of her medical treatment

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In the latest episode of Bigg Boss 15, we saw that two contestants Vidhi Pandya and Donal Bisht’s shocking elimination. For the unversed, they were eliminated by the contestants and not by the audiences. And now, in an exclusive chat with Bollywood Bubble, Vidhi Pandya opened up on several topics including her journey and what kind of games are being played inside.

When asked about whether she is disappointed with her eviction to which she said, “Yeah kind of, as there are other contestants too who hardly participate and who could have been named. In the end, it is a game and I believe in destiny. I am very very happy with the amount of affection I received.”

When asked what went wrong in her journey, she said, “I don’t know what went wrong I was just being myself. The best part is muje audience ne nai nikala hai I was eliminated by the contestants. So that’s why I am even happier. It is not like I did not get the audience’s love.”

She revealed that Jay, Karan and Umar are doing great in the show. And she feels Vishal is the one who is following his brain and that’s why his image is looking bad.


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Ask her about her views on Jay and the controversy, the actress expressed, “Definitely giving someone cuss words is not the right thing. But we should also talk about the other person and her/his mistakes. So what Pratik used to do was wrong. He used to instigate him. Definitely, you should have self-control. I am not supporting Jay here but I am more against the person who is making a nuisance. Instigation and such behavior is not acceptable and is equal to cuss words. Jay is impulsive and reacts strongly but he is not wrong.”


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On Afsana, she said that Afsana is fine and good but her behavior is scary sometimes. She thinks that Khan takes advantage of her treatment to cover up things. “She is a nice person but sometimes her actions and what she speaks are totally wrong. However, I could be wrong.”

Vidhi, during the interview, cleared that she wouldn’t want to enter the show again. “If I go inside then I will start playing the game mentally. And I will get so many advice and that’s what I don’t want, to play games with my mind and want to be what I am. She added how she always would be a positive person and not someone who creates controversy.

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