EXCLUSIVE: Divya Agarwal talks about life after her father’s death; says, “There is no coping up, you cannot move on”

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Divya Agarwal made headlines this year after she bagged the trophy of Bigg Boss OTT. Divya was sidelined in the house, but she emerged as a lone wolf and won over everyone else. But not many know that Divya was nursing the deep wound of her father’s loss when she entered the house. Divya was often seen breaking down missing him in the Bigg Boss house. Divya Agarwal lost her father in October last year due to the Covid-19. He was admitted to a hospital in Navi Mumbai when the Cartel actress would share updates about his health. The actress had requested her fans to pray for his health after his condition declined on October 27, but he did not survive. We sat down for an exclusive chat with Divya Agarwal where she opened up about life after her father passed away. She revealed that she is often picked on by people for often talking about her father’s death, but Divya said this is my world and they are the only people she will talk about.

Divya told Bollywood Bubble, “I do have that baggage and that will always be there. That baggage that void will always be there. In fact, after my father passed away, I have done some marvellous things which actually he was waiting for it, ki lockdown kab khatam ho aur meri beti ke projects aayenge. Cartel was coming out and I was working on it for the past two years. I used to come home and discuss it with my dad that today this happened, today it took me 12 hours for prosthetics so he was very excited to see that and when things were out I actually missed him so much.”

The actress further added that there is no coping up for her and she does not want people to give her that hope because it is not true, “There is no coping up actually. For me, it was responsibility that made me act in a certain way. When I saw my mother and brother. My mother is a very soft-spoken and a very nice woman, she doesn’t have too many big dreams. Ki bus mera ghar ho aur sab haste rahe, she is a very simple mother. So when I look at her, I just want to give her happiness. So responsibilities actually made me this,” Divya continued, “At times when I sit Alone, I miss him a lot. But I dont want anybody to talk about it that it will be fine, things will move on; it can’t be fine, you cannot move on. So it’s life, you have to keep going.”

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