‘Bigg Boss 14’s Naina Singh: Will not judge anyone on the basis of what I have seen and will give a fair chance to everyone

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Actress and reality show star Naina Singh who is currently locked inside ‘Bigg Boss 14′ house had opened up on creating an equation inside the Bigg Boss house. The ‘Splitsvilla’ winner who entered the house 4 days back was recently appreciated by the netizens for slamming Rahul Vaidya for his racist comment.

Moving on, Naina who was fortunate enough to observe everyone’s game strategies opened up creating equations inside the house. Before entering the house, the ‘Splitsvilla’ winner told us, “I will not judge someone on the basis of what I have seen already because what I see is only the 40 minutes from the entire 24 hours. So, I will not judge anyone on the basis of what I have seen, I will give a fair chance to everyone. After all, it is a show where everyone has to also co-exist.”

Naina, who is currently doing great inside the Bigg Boss house has conducted herself with class, grace and dignity inside the house. It’s been just 4 days and people have already started going gaga over her. She is currently the ‘sanchalak’ of Bigg Boss World Tour.

Check out the video interview of Naina Singh.

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