EXCLUSIVE: Shamita Shetty breaks silence on judgment post Raj Kundra case: It was vicious; the entire family was being judged

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Shamita Shetty had left the whole nation stunned when she decided to enter the Bigg Boss OTT house after she had been part of the show 10 years ago as well. But the actress was apparently faced with a lot of trolling as netizens called her self-centred for leaving her family in such a difficult situation, she was also faced with allegations that she has come to clean the image of her family in the Bigg Boss house. Raj Kundra was arrested in an alleged pornography case by the CBI in July. Post which all hell broke loose of Shilpa Shetty and her family as they were heavily bashed online. But Shilpa Shetty along with her family has maintained a dignified silence as she asked everyone to respect her privacy for the sake of her kids in a statement. Raj Kundra just got out on bail and now Shamita Shetty is all set o enter the Bigg Boss 15 house which will be hosted by Salman Khan. In an exclusive conversation with Bollywood Bubble, Shamita opened up about her family facing negativity after the Raj Kundra case.

Talking about entering the Bigg Boss house amidst the Raj Kundra case, Shamita said, “I was very tough for me the first time around because the situation was a little different. I was unfortunately being heavily trolled for no fault of mine. My family also at that point in time felt that it’s between for me to just lock myself in that house. It was a previous commit so I didn’t want to back off because of everything that happened I wanted to stick to my word.” The actress further said, “Bigg Boss came to me before everything with my family happened.”

Talking about the family being trilled heavily amidst her entry in Bigg Boss and the Raj Kundra case, Shamita said that the comments, ‘they’re vicious, they’re disgusting’. She further added, “I failed to understand how people can express so much hate. What is actually happening in their lives for them to reach that point to want to spread so much hate out there, so much judgement. It was very painful for me I am not going to behave cool and say no it doesn’t affect me. It did affect me. I think it affected me even more because my family was going through a lot. So it definitely saddened me but having said that there were a lot of os supporters as well. So I didn’t want to negate that. I wanted to focus on the positives. At the end of the day I dont know why it happens this way, it’s sad that an entire family is judged for something that happens within the family. A lot was meant to be proved.”

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