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Chhavi Mittal shared photos of her on her Instagram, flaunting her breast cancer surgery scars. In the Instagram post, the actress said she will never remove the scars. She shared the photos and penned a long note with it. Chhavi, who is a breast cancer survivor said that she loves her scars and mentioned they are beautiful.

Taking to her Instagram, Chhavi Mittal spoke about her scars, in a long post. She said, “Scars. You can see the ones on the body.. but you’ll never see the ones etched on the bearer’s soul.


Talking about her journey with her scars, Mittal further added, “Yesterday when I found the courage to flaunt this scar… there were some who flinched at the sight of it. I say, if the mere sight of it makes you flinch, imagine what I felt when it was given to me! But in my opinion, a man is not a complete man if he has the nerve to look down and admire a woman’s assets but is not brave enough to appreciate the effort she went through to save those assets.


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Opening up about if she would ever remove her scars, she continued, “Some have also asked me if I’ll remove these scars with a laser or some such and I say never! They remind me of the fight I fought and the victory I achieved. Why would I ever want to hide these battle scars! That would be tampering with evidence!” The actress concluded her note and wrote, “Proud to be a #cancersurvivor.”

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Meanwhile, it was only recently when Chhavi showed support to actor Mahima Chaudhry after she opened up about her cancer diagnosis. The actress shared a happy photo of her with Mahima Chaudhry and extended support to her.

Chhavi Mittal made it to the headlines recently when she shared a video of her from the hospital, ahead of her cancer surgery. She continued to share photos and videos of her.

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