Devoleena Bhattacharjee lashes out at Arhaan Khan for taking money from Rashami Desai; calls him ‘Bloody Coward’

Image Source - Instagram

Over the last few days, the spat between Arhaan Khan and Rashami Desai is escalating. The latest reports revealed that Arhaan withdrew money from Rashami’s account while she was still inside the ‘Bigg Boss‘ house. Rashami’s BFF Devoleena Bhattacharjee lashed out at Arhaan for not only taking money from her friend but also threatening her.

Rashami accused Arhaan of withdrawing money from her account without her knowledge. “These transactions were made in my absence, and that too, without my knowledge when I was inside the BB house. When I came out and learnt about it, I shared the screenshots of my personal documents and these transactions with my accounting staff and a few others. Why did Arhaan transfer my money into his account? Also, I don’t know the people he has further transferred those funds to,” she told The Times of India.

Now lashing out at Arhaan, Rashami’s BFF Devoleena took to her Twitter account and wrote, “Suna hai Ramlal ne proof maanga hai ki woh fraud hai..I would say why doesnt he go and ask #Salman sir the same… how shameful creature yeah..ek toh itne paise le liye uparse dhamki de raha hai..#bloodycoward(sic).”

Though Devoleena has not specifically mentioned Arhaan’s name in her tweets, however it’s clear whom she is hinting at!

She further urged her fans and followers to not to encourage Arhaan. “And guys please ignore this ramlal completely.dont tag his name anywhere especially with doesnt matter to him u talk good or bad about him.what matters to him is dont encourage him at all.(sic)”

Rashami claims that Arhaan owes her around Rs. 15 lakhs. In his defence, Arhaan claimed that whatever money he has taken from Rashami’s account is rightful. “Nobody can release these statements except Rashami or me. Since the allegations are against me, it’s obvious that she leaked those screenshots. Half the transactions involving huge amounts aren’t mine. Rashami had set up a production house, which I had joined as a partner. I have invested equally, both financially and emotionally. Any transfer of funds is either my rightful profit or return of debt,” he told the leading daily.

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