EXCLUSIVE: Pavitra Punia: Didn’t expect to come out of Bigg Boss as a couple with Eijaz Khan

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Pavitra Punia and Eijaz Khan have been making waves ever since they were seen in the Bigg Boss 14 house. The two entered as two strong individuals inside but came out as a couple. Pavijaz is how fans have been shipping both Eijaz Khan and Pavitra Punia. The two have been enjoying their time together whilst focusing on their work currently. In a candid chat, we asked Pavitra about their relationship and the love they have been receiving. We also asked her to comment on the trolls and if it affects her in any way. Pavitra also opened up on the curfew situation in Maharashtra and said that right now, life is priority.

“I don’t care about the hate people pour on us,” Pavitra Punia said as she thanked fans for giving her and Eijaz the attention without even trying. “The trollers I love them, it is their job and they are seriously very good at it. There is a saying that the amount of hate you get is also sort of a depiction of love because they are giving you attention. In our industry, it is anyway believed that whatever attention you get is good. I think they are boosting us up in that way. In fact, Eijaz and I are very grateful and have gratitude towards them.”

Recently, she even lashed out at a few trollers on social media. Commenting on it, Pavitra added, “I am actually against people who have no work and come outpouring their gyan on public figures and celebrities, law and order people. They don’t know from where these people are coming and what the person is posting. All they know is to abuse. I don’t understand this, it doesn’t make sense.”


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She continued, “It was not like I was affected but it is annoying. Usually, people don’t even react but a few things are necessary to be spelled out, and that too people with fake accounts. You cannot even take any action against them. In the context of Eijaz and I, I am happy that they give us so much attention.”

Focusing on the brighter side now, the love Pavijaz has been getting, Pavitra said that she feels grateful. “Life is unpredictable. I was not prepared that this is how it will be when I come out of Bigg Boss. I did not know that once I come out of Bigg Boss, I will be coming out double and not single. This happened and the amount of love we have been getting is a blessed feeling. I had no idea that we might connect with them so much.”

Explaining what might have connected with fans, Pavitra shared, “I think what people love about us that we are not reel, we are real. We don’t copy, fake our emotions or fake it to make it. We are what we are. We are like that and we don’t even take a step back to show our real emotions to people and to our fans. Even if we are fighting, we show it that we are fighting. We are open about our real love-hate relation, which is a reality about every relation. In our industry, most people don’t talk about the fights they have but this is our USP, that we are real.”

Lastly, about the current situation in Maharashtra, Pavitra exclaimed, “As far as the pandemic is concerned, I believe not taking life lightly and take all the precautions is imperative. It is important to follow all the rules and regulations. Whatever the government is doing in terms of curfew and all is good. We are no one to fight with them. All we can do is stay safe.”

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