EXCLUSIVE: Shweta Tiwari on how her family became her ‘pillar of support’ during her tough times

Image Source - Bollywood Bubble

Shweta Tiwari’s life has been through several personal lows. While she battled domestic abuse in her first marriage with Raja Chaudhary and decided to walk out of it with her Baby daughter Palak Tiwari, life put her in a similar situation once again. Shweta who later remarried Abhinav Kohli is now fighting a legal battle against her husband after things went awry in the relationship.

In an exclusive interview with Bollywood Bubble, Shweta Tiwari shared how her family became her ‘pillar of support’ during her tough times, although they did not agree to her marriage with Raja Chaudhary.

“My family, unlike other people, don’t do, ‘I told you.’ Vo pehele kehte hai, mat kud khaayi hai, ek baar kud gaye toh baad me nahi bolte, bola tha naa mat kud. Yes, my mother told me, don’t get married to him. But, once I got married to him, she was always there right next to me, taking care of me and my kid, like strong support. Always, my brother, my mother and my father were there for me, especially my mother,” Shweta told us.

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While Shweta’s immediate family stood by her, her extended family and relatives turned their backs. “I was the first one in my entire khandaan (family) to do love marriage which was intercaste and that too bhaag ke. I remember when I first got married to someone, who was not my caste, my entire khaandan was very angry with my mother. They did not call her for my mother’s sister’s wedding, but she went to attend the wedding. Apart from nana nani, others were not very understanding, because I was nobody, just Shweta Tiwari working, not popular. So, when all the mess started in my life, my foremost fear was what will they tell my mother.”

“My children are in this mess because of me, because I chose wrong people, wrong men, That was my fault. But they (Palak and Reyansh) are going through this with me, strong and smiling. I never tell them don’t miss your father or don’t talk to them. But they don’t. They are scared of this trauma. They want to be happy. And I don’t blame them for it,” shared the actress.

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