EXCLUSIVE: Sidharth Shukla on his family’s reaction to Broken But Beautiful 3: They completely loved it

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Sidharth Shukla is making his digital debut with Broken But Beautiful 3. The show also stars Sonia Rathee opposite him. The web series is all set to premiere on May 29 on AltBalaji. Ahead of the show’s release, we had an interview with the handsome hunk where he spoke at length about the show, dealing with heartbreaks, his family’s reaction to the trailer and a lot more.

When we asked Sidharth what made him say ‘yes’ to the show, he said, “When I was offered Broken But Beautiful 3, when I heard the story, I just loved the storyline and I could relate to it. That’s actually one of the biggest reasons why I went ahead with the show.”

Sidharth is playing the character Agastya who is a very complex character. Sidharth said that there are a few instances in Agastya’s life that Sidharth himself has gone through in his life as well. “A lot of situations that Agastya has gone in his life, quite a few of those instances have had happened with me too. So, I could relate to it. That was the fun part of it,” he said.


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While talking about how his family reacted to the trailer of Broken But Beautiful 3, Sid said, “They completely loved it and I am happy that they liked it because it’s really important for people around you to accept you or like what you have. This was very different from what I have been doing or what I have done. So, I wanted to know the reactions. And of course, people out there have taken it well, So, it feels so good.”

On dealing with heartbreaks both personally and professionally, the Bigg Boss 13 winner said, “I just let it be. Love is a feeling and it stays as long as you hold on to it and after a while when you choose to let go and be fine with it, is when things ease out and it all gets fine. So, how do I cope? I just give some time.”

You can watch the full interview of Sidharth Shukla here.

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