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Imlie fame Sumbul Touqeer is currently winning hearts with her performance on Bigg Boss 16. She made an entry in the reality TV show and is making headlines too. Before her entry in Bigg Boss 16, Sumbul Touqeer made an exit from the show Imlie.

The Imlie actress was questioned about her decision to make an exit from the show, during a chat with us. In an exclusive conversation with us, when asked if it was her own decision to make an exit from Imlie or it was because of circumstances, Sumbul said that it was not any of the two options.


Touqeer further explained, “Humhara jo leap ki baat ho rahi thi, kaafi, do, teen mahine se yahi chal rahi thi ke aisa kuch karne wale hai. Pehla unhone ne socha tha ki main hi karungi Imlie. Par, badme kuch alag discussions hue. Mujhse baat ki gayi ki unhe alag log laane hai, unhe fresh faces chahiye. Bohot saari cheeze Hui thi tab (The leap that was happening on the show, there were talks about it from two, three months. At first, the makers thought that I would play Imlie. However, the discussions changed later. They spoke to me how they wanted different people, fresh faces. Many things had changed then).


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Sumbul added, “Toh humhe laga ki theek hai, jo karna hai. Humhe pehle realise nahi hua tha par, jaise jaise humhe pata chala ki din abhi aakhri chal rahe hai, din paas aane waale hai jiske baad hum yahape nahi aane waale hai. Uske baad woh taqleef badti jaa rahi thi. Kyunki humhari team badal chuki thi. Actors jaa chuke the (So, I thought its ok. We didn’t realise at first, but, as we understood how the dys were passing and the end days were coming soon, after that it started becoming more difficult. Because, the team was changed. Actors had gone away).

She explained how she was the only one left on the sets, from the original team of Imlie. speaking on it further, Sumbul added, “Toh, main sirf eklauti bachi thi set pe jo first episode pe thi set pe. Toh mere liye, us set ko chod kar jaana toh matlab bohot jyada mushkil cheez thi. Aur jis din maine last screenplay padha tha, us din main aadhe ghante roi thi. Main room bandh karke sirf ro rahi thi(So, I was the only person left on the sets, who was from the very first episode on the sets. So, for me, it was very difficult for me to leave the sets. And, the day I read the last screenplay, I cried for half an hour. I closed myself in a room and only cried).”

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