EXCLUSIVE: When Priyamani called up Samantha Akkineni to praise her for one scene in The Family Man 2

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Manoj Bajpayee, Priyamani and Samantha Akkineni are all set to leave viewers thrilled with The Family Man 2. While Manoj and Priyamani will reprise their roles as Shrikant and Suchitra, Samantha has joined season 2 as Raji. The trailer of the much-awaited show has received an enormous response, and fans are eagerly waiting for it to release on June 4. Priyamani and Samantha Akkineni are well-known names in the South industry and seeing these two beauties in the same show is a dream for many.

We, at Bollywood Bubble, recently got into an exclusive chat with Priyamani where she was all praises for Samantha Akkineni joining The Family Man 2. She shared how she has bowled over by the terrific performance of Sam, and even called her up for lauding her. Priyamani shared, “With Samantha coming on board, obviously, the expectations are higher, and no doubt she has done a fabulous job. I saw one scene of hers and I messaged her and said, ‘Listen I have seen this scene, it was really amazing.’ She was sweet enough to reply and say that she was ‘nervous’ to do it.”

When asked what she thinks about the makers opting for a female antagonist, Priyamani revealed that she’s quite impressed with their decision. “Right when we just started shooting season 2, I didn’t know the story. I just knew the thread of what it’s going to be. But, that time only Raj sir said that we’re going to have a female actor as the antagonist. At that point in time, I’m sure they had not got anybody in mind as such. But through the course of time, when I asked them who is playing the character, Raj Sir and Dk Sir both had this very proud smile on their face. They said, ‘We already have somebody in mind, and that lady has said a Yes!’ Then, I asked, ‘Who is it?’ Later, they revealed it is ‘Sam.’ To which I said, ‘Wow, that’s great that she has agreed to do this,” Priyamani told us.



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The actress added, “When they told me the story, I was like, ‘Wow. Her story is really strong. Honestly speaking, maybe in a way, they’ve chosen a female lead to play antagonist because you will not expect a girl to be like that. So, in that way, the change that they’ve brought in season 2 is amazing, because obviously when you cast a male antagonist, you generally know. The same thing they did in season 1 also when they cast Neeraj as Mussa. You never expected Mussa to be like that, but the switch that he gave in the hospital scene, was amazing. I was like ‘Wow.’ I never expected Mussa to turn out to be like that. So as I said, you can expect the unexpected,” she concluded.

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