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Say What! Hina Khan learns to smoke a cigarette; breaks her TV bahu image with style

Image Source - Instagram

We’ve heard of actors across the industry going all out when it comes to prepping up for their characters and roles. From Deepika, on getting a particular accent in ‘Chennai Express‘ to Aamir Khan learning how to tap dance for ‘Dhoom 3’, actors do everything possible to get into the shoes of their characters and justify them to the fullest. One such actor is television superstar Hina Khan, who took up a very challenging role with the psychological thriller ‘Damaged 2’  is also going the extra mile and learning something new for herself.

Trying to stay true to her character of Gauri Batra, the role required Hina to smoke in various scenes and she is a devout nonsmoker. Speaking about her prep for the role, she said, “For somebody who runs away when someone smokes in the room, I’m that kind of a person, I tell people not to smoke in the same room, I tell them please go out and smoke. But I have for this character, smoked for the first time ever and it was very difficult for a person to like me. But Adhyayan, my Director Ekant, they really helped me and gave me an open choice that if I want to, I can choose to not smoke and manage to shoot it without that. But I was like if it is written, it must be written for some purpose, so if it makes the character look more beautiful, more complete, so I decided to do it. It was difficult but I managed to do it.

Justifying her character to the fullest, Hina Khan is seen alongside Adhyayan Suman in this series. A show with supernatural elements leaves you surprised with every twist and turn gradually unraveling the mystery of when a girl goes missing during her vacation at a beautiful homestay owned by Gauri Batra (Hina Khan) & Akash Batra (Adhyayan Suman). From strange noises to creepy experiences, this sinister world of Damaged 2 will keep you wondering of what’s true and what isn’t.

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