Jankee Parekh in a heartwarming post opens up on her ‘shared experience’ with Nakuul Mehta as Sufi was born

Image Source - Instagram

Jankee Parekh and Nakuul Mehta are probably the most loved and sought-after couples. While Nakuul Mehta has been sharing some thought-provoking messages on social media, Jankee Parekh is sharing her experiences as a new mom with some heartwarming posts. Earlier, Jankee opened up on Sufi Mehta undergoing surgery after being diagnosed with bilateral inguinal hernia. Her post on how they championed it together as a family was enough to move you. This time around, Jankee Parekh has shared a long post remembering Sufi’s birth story and her shared experience with Nakuul Mehta.

In a long post, Jankee revealed that like many other mothers, “I delivered my son Sufi through a Cesarean birth.” She then went on to reveal how Nakuul was by her side throughout and together what they experience are the most exhilarating moments of their life. “I may not have experienced labour pain & contractions of a normal delivery but having my partner by my side holding my hand, him witnessing my abdomen being cut open & a new life being pulled out of it, to him cutting my umbilical cord were all things that I got to experience first hand through his eyes. This shared experience for us was so beautiful and joyful that I wouldn’t trade it for anything else,” Jankee wrote.

She added, “Just to be able to experience the birth of Sufi alongside Nakuul, has truly been the most fulfilling moment in our journey together as a couple & also the most exhilarating 15 mins of our lives.” Jankee also shared a few photos of herself, Nakuul and Sufi from the hospital. Jankee, who is also an independent artist, also opened up on how they did a conference call with Sufi’s paternal and maternal parents and boy, we can feel love exuding in abundance.

Sufi Mehta was born on February 3, 2021. Nakuul Mehta and Jankee Parekh turned parents for the first time with Sufi.

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