Watch: Hina Khan & Shaheer Sheikh’s HILARIOUS Guess the Price will make you ROFL

Hina Khan and Shaheer Sheikh set the screen on fire with her palpable chemistry in their recently released song Baarish Ban Jaana. The duo’s pairing is loved by the masses and it’s never a dull moment when they are around. We played a fun game of ‘Guess the Price’ with the actors and we must say that we enjoyed their banter more than their competitive streak.

Hina Khan and Shaheer Sheikh’s electrifying chemistry in the video Baarish 2.0 garnered praises from everyone. The good looking pair joined us with their singer buddies Stebin Ben and Payal Dev for a fun round of Guess The Price. While there were some epic fails and some bull’s eye hit, you need to watch this hilarious challenge to find out who won! And believe us, you would be laughing your guts out.

You can check out the fun segment below:

Speaking about the kind of response they received for their romantic song, Shaheer in an exclusive chat with Bollywood Bubble had said, “I was not expecting such a good response, they instantly loved the song as well as our chemistry. I was surprised, honestly, in a pleasant way. The music does the trick.” Hina Khan chimed in saying that their Kashmiri connect also worked for them. “I think it is a very long time I had been hearing that people were waiting for us to do something together. They say that we look good together and they are liking our chemistry. I think they liked the freshness they wanted to see. People are appreciating us as a couple and want us to do more.”

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