Women’s Day 2021: Devoleena Bhattarchejee and Mahika Sharma REVEAL the challenges they faced in early days

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International Women’s Day is observed every year on March 8. It celebrates women, their rights, and their achievements. This time too, Women’s Day is celebrated with zest all around. From celebrities to commoners, everyone is acknowledging the contribution of women in society and their lives. It is also a day where women share their struggle stories to motivate us for a better tomorrow and help them achieve their goals.

Two popular faces from the Indian Televisindustry, Devoleenattacharjee, and Mahika Sharma, opened up about their difficulties. Yes, on this special day, Devoleena and Mahika Sharma revealed the struggles they faced in their growing-up days. Devoleena Bhattacharjee, best-known for her role as Gopi in Saath Nibhaana Saathiya, grew up in an all-women family.

Devoleena lost her father at an early age. She and her family have faced pressures from society for not having a male at home. “My mother and her mom (nani) who faced the society. They are the those beautiful women in my life who taught me to choose to challenge and live. I remember my mother even being ill use to work for us. She wanted to give us all that a father does for his kid. She has been standing strong to protect us. I have seen her fighting for us. She is playing both a mother, and a father for us.”

She also shared why she feels that women play central role in the development of society. “Women society has ensured the stability, progress and long-term development. Like in a tea garden, women play a major role- from taking care of tea plants to plucking tea leaves.” Moreover, Devo also feels that her shows have been a good example to show how women are important in society. “In the coming time, I wish to act in historical woman’s biography,” she expressed.

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Mahika Sharma, known for her roles in F.I.R, and Ramayana shared that he has worked as a babysitter to be independent. She said, “I still remember the time, my mother broke all ties with from me. I didn’t want to return home but focus on my career here in Mumbai and needed money and a home. I started working as a babysitter. I spent quality time playing with or caring for kids while their parents are away.”

She added, “Being a woman I feel proud that I took a stand for myself, I choose to challenge the society who was against me.” She further questions, “It was my life, why a woman needs to face boundaries even when they are not wrong. I wished to fly and today I’m all independent. I own respect and love from society. I’m proud of myself.”

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