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Why did Rekha remove her gajra and give it to Imtiaz Ali? Watch video

A special screening of Manisha Koirala‘s comeback movie ‘Dear Maya’ was recently held at Lightbox. At the screening, several celebs marked their presence and amongst them was veteran actress Rekha. The actress looked beautiful in a white salwar kameez with black glares and had the trademark gajra in her hair. But, what caught our attention was the way after the screening, as she made a way to her car, she gave the gajra to filmmaker Imtiaz Ali.

Yes, as she and Imtiaz walked towards her car, having a conversation, Imtiaz whispered something to Rekha, and the next instance, she took off the gajra from her hair and gave it to Imtiaz before making an exit. We wonder what was the reason behind it? Well, we don’t really know but it provided for an amusing sight. Watch the video above.