Watch: Hilarious video of Ranveer Singh’s ‘First Day’ in acting class

Bollywood brat Ranveer Singh loves to be in the limelight, this is evident from the video that we stumbled upon. The actor was performing for the crowd, on the first day of his acting class and he was a star from that day itself. One thing that no one can deny, is that Ranveer Singh may behave in a crazy manner, but his heart is in the right place.

Ranveer Singh since his debut, has stood out among the ‘Oh so sophisticated’ debutantes. This man is quite honest and cannot hide his feelings at all. He is not only the best performer but also a genuinely caring person.

Check out this hilarious video of Ranveer Singh performing the Chinese Whisper, in his own unique style.

Ranveer Singh’s first day at the class :