WATCH: Kangana Ranaut replies to Irrfan Khan’s ‘two hero’ statement

On the trailer launch of his home production film ‘Madaari’, Irrfan Khan was asked about when he would be seen working with actress Kangana Ranaut as apparently she had opted out of director Sai Kabir’s film ‘Divine Lovers’, the one which may star Irrfan in the lead. The ‘Piku‘ actor replied, “Even she wants to be a hero and so do I. Now how can there be two heroes in one film?” This reply gave more of a hint obviously in a lighter way that it may assume on how Kangana has taken her stardom after delivering back-to-back hits.

Recently, the actress who returned from her vacation trip was asked about this statement of Irrfan Khan. The actress who seemed to be happy returning home gave her reply to this. She spoke about the teasing nature of Irrfan whom she considers as a senior which could be evident looking at this video where she addressed him as ‘Irrfan Sir’ while she also cleared the air about working with him any time whenever the opportunity comes in for her.

Have a look at Kangana Ranaut‘s reply to Irrfan Khan’s statement: