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Is Karan Johar’s ‘Kalank’ inspired by the novel ‘What the Body Remembers’?

Image Source - Twitter

Filmmaker Karan Johar is known for his taste in complicated love stories and lavishly mounted films. He is all set to present his latest offering ‘Kalank‘ – a period film set against the backdrop of the pre-independent era. The film’s teaser and songs have already piqued the interest of the audience, who are eagerly looking forward to its trailer, which will be unveiled today.

Ahead of the film’s trailer launch, a user on Twitter has pointed out the similarities between ‘Kalank’s plot and the story of author Shauna Singh Baldwin’s book, ‘What the Body Remembers’ which was published in the 90s.

This tweet created an uproar on Twitter as some users suggested that the author should drag the makers of the film to the court. Now before you guys too jump the gun, allow us to inform you about the similarities between the film and the book.

The summary of Shauna’s book available on the internet goes like-“Out of the rich culture of India and the brutal drama of the 1947 Partition comes this lush and eloquent debut novel about two women married to the same man. Roop is a young girl whose mother has died and whose father is deep in debt. So she is elated to learn she is to become the second wife of a wealthy Sikh landowner in a union beneficial to both. For Sardaji’s first wife, Satya, has failed to bear him children. Roop believes that she and Satya, still very much in residence, will be friends.”

We all know that in the film, Alia’s name is Roop while Sonakshi is playing Satya. And going by the film’s teaser, they both are married to the same man, Dev Chaudhry (Aditya Roy Kapur). Now, these are stark similarities but also they can be the only point in common between the film and the book.

And the writer of the book also feels that everyone should not jump to conclusions before actually reading her book and watching KJo’s film.

Shauna also thanked the user who pointed out the similarities

She also clarified that no one has bought the film rights of her book yet

Now we wonder what Karan Johar has to say about these allegations.

Helmed by Abhishek Varman, ‘Kalank’ boast of a terrific ensemble cast comprising Varun Dhawan, Alia Bhatt, Madhuri Dixit, Sanjay Dutt, Aditya Roy Kapur and Sonakshi Sinha. It is scheduled to hit the silver screens on April 17.

Until Karan provides any explanation about these similarities, you guys stay tuned for more such interesting updates.

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