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Ditch the fancy shoes and invest in a pair of trendy white sneakers!

We all fear wearing white sneakers in the rains especially with all the muck on the roads, but it’s time to leave the fear behind and step out in the whites! White sneakers in the rains? Why not! Be it the monsoons or the summers, the white sneakers trend isn’t going anywhere and our Bollywood celebrities are proving just that.

Check out the pictures of the stars who have been spotted wearing the trendy white sneakers:

Go experimental like Kangana Ranaut did in this look of hers. A high low maxi dress paired with white sneakers looks awesome, doesn’t it?

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Going to the gym? Opt for white sneakers like Shahid Kapoor did! You are sure to grab a lot of attention. Just look at how handsome Shahid is looking.

Match your all white outfits with white footwear too. Parineeti Chopra is killing it in the all white look. If she can, so can you. Go for it!

  • While travelling, make sure you are comfortable and what better than a comfy pair of white sneakers. Like Alia Bhatt look trendy and classy in those white shoes.

    A denim dress with white sneakers is a winning combination. Just see how comfortable Deepika Padukone looks in this attire.

  • A good pair of shoes can change your entire appearance. Even if you don’t have enough time to sit and think what footwear to wear, pair your outfit with white sneakers like Priyanka Chopra did.


    White sneakers is a good pick while going for parties too. Like Ranbir Kapoor, pair your t-shirt with a jacket, wear black pants and white shoes. What a combination!


    Varun Dhawan‘s easy-breezy look has impressed us. From the cap to the white sneakers, everything is just perfect!

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