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#7YearsOfMyNameIsKhan: Paulo Coelho believes Shah Rukh Khan deserved an Oscar for his acting

‘My Name is Khan’, in 2010, reunited the Bollywood’s favourite on-screen couple Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol after a long time. The film that said ‘My Name Is Khan and I am not a terrorist’, spoke at length about something that yet remains a matter of concern, even in our urban, civilised society. Islamophobia, we are talking about.

‘Rizvan’ as he was called, SRK played one of the most exceptional characters of his career in ‘MNIK’. Today, the film completes 7 years, and both SRK and the director Karan Johar are having a thousand emotions.

Karan took to Twitter and wrote, “Thanks you Rizvan….for spreading your love …your message….your innocence….. #7YearsOfMyNameIsKhan”(Also Read: Shah Rukh Khan supports Suhana Khan’s acting career, but with a condition)

Here’s his tweet,

Shah Rukh is still moved by the subject ‘MNIK’ dealt with, and his tweet was a proof. “It’s kinda sad too that MNIK is still relevant.But thx Karan Ravi Kajol SEL Shibani Niranjan Deepa Jimmy & all cast/crew for a special film,” he wrote.

However, the most special reaction came from globally acclaimed Brazilian author Paulo Coelho. Deeply moved with the film and Shah Rukh’s performance in it, Coelho argued that he deserved an Oscar, if Hollywood was not ‘manipulated’.

Now that means a lot, right? A humbled Karan did not forget to thank the author for his words of praise.

If you look at ‘My Name is Khan’ with a sense of contemporary happenings, it still holds immense relevance. All we can pray is for things to change for better.

Meanwhile, Thank You team ‘My Name is Khan’ for gifting us such a wonderful film! 🙂

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