Aamir Khan breaks silence on rumours of putting money in wheat flour packets to help people amid COVID-19

Image Source - Instagram

Coronavirus has been spreading like wildfire all over the world. The death toll only keeps increasing by the day. Due to the rapid outbreak of the pandemic, resources to curb it our decreasing. Bollywood celebrities have been doing as much as possible to help by donating in this time if crisis. The rumour mill had churned out the news that Aamir Khan had been hiding money in wheat floor bags and donating it to Covid-19 patients, but is that true?

Aamir finally broke silence on the wheat flour rumour and had rubbished it saying that it is not him who has been doing it. He took to his Twitter to set the record straight as he wrote, “Guys, I am not the person putting money in wheat bags. Its either a fake story completely, or Robin Hood doesn’t want to reveal himself! Stay safe. Love. a.”

Well, there you go, it is not the ‘Dhoom 3‘ actor.  But then who is it?

Meanwhile, there have been many Bollywood celebrities who have helped those in need amidst this pandemic. Recently, Akshay helped out Mumbai Police fight against Coronavirus by donating Rs 2 Cr to the Mumbai Police Foundation.

Salman had also decided to support 25,000 daily wage workers from the film industry and apart from that, his family is also supporting their personal staff and their family. Apart from Salman and Akshay other celebrities have also made generous donations to fight against Coronavirus.

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