Akshay Kumar : My Character in ‘Boss’ is full of heart

Akshay Kumar is quite pleased with the way his next movie ‘Boss‘ has shaped out. Boss is a complete Entertainment for the whole family with action comedy and music loaded in it. They have avoided the use of cables for the action sequence with funny punchlines and longest parkour sequence.

Akki said, “My character is full of colour, masala, zest; but, most importantly, full of heart. I hope viewers enjoy my Haryanvi character, it’s a first for me. This film is must-watch for families as it deals with the father-son relationship and the bond between Brothers. The story will suck you in and my kicks will blow you away.”

The music of Boss is already a hit among the youngsters with numbers such as ‘Party All Night’, ‘Hum Na Tode’ and ‘Har Kisi Ko’. As it is releasing today on the festive occasion of Bakra Eid,  Akki hopes to rake the maximum moolah.