Akshay Kumar on pay disparity: People are getting what they deserve

Image Source - Yogen Shah

Bollywood has always been bogged down by several issues like actresses not getting good projects post marriage, or actors being paid more than their female counterparts. These days pay disparity has become an important issue that needs to be addressed. And slowly and steadily our industry is doing the same.

Akshay Kumar who is busy promoting his upcoming film ‘Gold’, was asked about his opinion on the pay disparity prevalent in the film industry during a recent media interaction. Akshay said, “When you release a film and when you have your stake, the film is big, the money is also huge. So, in that way, the hero and heroines also have their stake. The stake system has arrived and you give a certain percentage to people. So you are getting basically what you deserve.”

When the producer of the film ‘Gold’, Ritesh Sidhwani was asked the same question, he replied, “It should be reduced. I can’t say it wasn’t there. Now, recently you have been seeing a lot of films being made with author-backed roles that are played by women. There is a script which we have just acquired on the biopics on somebody’s life and it will be a female protagonist. In that even if I approach an actor and the actor says that I want to come on board, I would be very happy to even offer them a share in the film. That’s what it should be!”

“There are many instances where actors like Akshay who also produce films and says that he would rather be taking a fee, and that is the way he decides to work. There’s a stake and you have been seeing that. Off late Deepika Padukone, Priyanka Chopra all of them are starting to work in a system where the kind of fee is high enough. So, the gap has been narrowed down,” he added further.

Well, that’s a great trend set by Deepika and Priyanka and we hope more filmmakers like Ritesh Sidhwani come forward to create an equality based environment for everyone working in this film industry.

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