EXCLUSIVE: Alia Bhatt opens up on embracing motherhood: It’s exciting as well as nerve-wracking

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Actress Alia Bhatt who tied the knot with Ranbir Kapoor in April this year, is expecting her first child. Alia Bhatt announced her pregnancy on social media with an adorable post. Breaking all the stereotypes, the would-be mom has been working even during her pregnancy. She is currently busy promoting her upcoming movie Darlings. We sat with Alia for a conversation where she spoke at length about her life with Ranbir after marriage, their intimate wedding, motherhood and a lot more.

On asked about how life changes when one is having a Baby and if she is in that space, Alia said, it totally changes and also the thinking changes. She said, “Right now toh it’s just tip of the iceberg. I know it’s going to change but it’s only going to change for the better.”

Alia believes that our personal and professional lives are two completely different facets of life. “Nobody knows how I have managed my personal life whilst also being a committed actor. Similarly, nobody will know how I manage my acting life whilst also being a committed individual at home with my family, friends, my partner and my loved one,” said the Gangubai Kathiawadi actress.

On embracing motherhood, the actress said that it is totally a new role to take on and she is ready and it is happening naturally that she feels natural good about it. She further said, “It feels exciting, nerve-wracking, all of those things put together. But it is like a facet that I can’t wait to experience. And I will do do with utmost dedication like as every parent tries to be the best parent in the world. I will try with all my mind and will also try to be that actor that I have always been to satisfy my desires and wants because that’s an important part of who I am as well. So, that doesn’t change.”

She added, “But balance toh mujhe manage karna padega na. Woh main kar lungi. Usmei kya hain,” (she laughs).

When asked about the things she would like to pass on to her child that she got from her mom, or if she wants to change something, Alia said, “I don’t think I can plan any of it. Actually, I don’t want to plan only. Like I said I am very curious, I have read all the books, I am reading all the information, this and that. But I know at the end of the day when the moment comes, you can’t plan this relationship, you can’t plan the dynamic. You have to have certain values and morals set in stone that this is what you want, live by, this is what you try and give out”

You can watch the full interview of Alia Bhatt here.

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