alia bhatt and shraddha kapoor

These days, there have been various instances of celebs going through mistaken identity crisis and it’s damn embarrassing for the celebs who face a situation like that. The recent one was when Sonam Kapoor was called as Deepika Padukone by the Cannes media and when Deepika Padukone was addressed as Priyanka Chopra during the promotions of ‘xXx’ overseas. Now, another actress has faced a similar situation, but this time, she herself narrates the incident.

So, yesterday as Karan Johar brought in his 45th birthday, he had a fun Facebook live session with his ‘Student Of The Year’ darling actress Alia Bhatt. Well, this time she was the host while Karan was the special guest and she started off the session with a bang, introducing Karan in his trademark style. While Karan was up with his zany confessions, Alia too seemed to be in a tell-it-all mood as she narrated an interesting incident leaving everyone amused. (Also Read: Alia Bhatt has a weird reaction to Priyanka Chopra’s bikini pictures)

She revealed a surprising incident when a fan mistook her to be Shraddha Kapoor. So, a random fan just complimented her saying how good she was in ‘Half Girlfriend’ (which actually stars Shraddha Kapoor). When she told him that she wasn’t in ‘Half Girlfriend’, he still praised her and left. Then, Karan too praised the movie and clarified that Alia was not a part of the movie. It was sporting enough of Alia to reveal an incident which otherwise would leave anybody embarrassed.

Watch the Facebook video here: