Aryan Khan, drug case, bail hearing
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Star kid Aryan Khan was arrested by the Narcotics Control Bureau on October 3 after they found drugs in the cruise ship. Since then, his lawyer even applied for bail which was denied on October 8 by the magistrate court. However, now Aryan’s lawyer has moved his bail plea to the High court whose bail hearing is underway. As per the latest report in Live Law, Amit Desai, Aryan’s lawyer, has been putting forward some valid arguments at the court. He argued that none of the recoveries mentioned in the panchnama was from Aryan. Desai further added as the star kid had no cash, had no plans to purchase neither to sell nor to consume. 

However, now Desai states that the NCBs allegations towards Khan is an illicit drug chain while claiming that these are false allegations. He said in the court, “This is a very serious term that they have dumped on Aryan Khan. I have no doubt that my friends know what is illicit trafficking according to the NDPS Act means. The allegation of illicit trafficking is inherently absurd. This boy who has nothing, not even on the vessels. It is a false allegations.


The only section ’27A’ of the NDPS Act that deals with illicit traffic, is not applied to Aryan Khan. It is not invoked till now because they are aware Mr. Khan is not involved in any illicit trafficking. It is applied to others, not to him. Wherever they felt it appropriate, they have invoked 27A. But there is no material, no possession except that one sentence of Whatsapp chats. When your honour hears arguments on this international drug trafficking, please bear in mind he is not charged with 27A,” Desai argued, as reported by Live Law. 


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Desai even reads Shah Rukh Khan and Gauri Khan son’s arrest memo. “I was arrested on for 20b, 27 and 35 of the NDPS Act. Not 28 and 29(conspiracy) added later on. Says even 20b would not apply because there is no possession.” In law there is no attempt, they were picked up at the gangway, hence, section 28 would not be applied. 

Desai submits a chart regarding what was recovered from whom and who has named whom while stating that the intermediate and commercial recoveries are from people, Khan had nothing to do with. 

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