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Babil Khan made an impressive debut last year with the film Qala. It fetched him rave reviews and what astounded people is how well he carried his father’s legacy forward. Before his debut, what made people excited about Babil Khan was that he was the son of the great Irrfan Khan. After Qala, he made his own place too.

Babil Khan on privilege

Recently, Babil got in an interview with Hindustan Times where he spoke about the privilege of being a star kid. He asserted that he is trying to find a way away from that. He said, “I am not trying to battle any questions that come with privilege. I have experienced privilege in my life, why must I hide from that truth? Instead I try to stay true to my sense of morality and the values of my upbringing in the use of that privilege.”

Babil on being Irrfan Khan’s son

The young lad insisted on the importance of using this privilege well and with good intentions. “To use privilege as a short cut to success is not our way, but to utilise privilege to grow and evolve is essential. This notion arises within me from the understanding that life gives you privilege as an opportunity and the way you put that opportunity into effect is the test of your character.”

He elaborated by using his own example. He referred, “For instance, instead of using my privilege to fetch me work, I utilise the privilege of baba’s connections through being around and absorbing from people that are immersed in and masters of the craft; then I apply the knowledge gained from those experiences in my auditions and my work. I don’t think the ethical questions regarding privilege are about whether or not you have privilege but rather about how you use it.”

Babil’ vision of the future

When prodded about the question of what the future holds for him as an actor, Babil gave an interesting answer. He said, “I am an explorer and I want to explore. What I desire today is probably different from what I might desire tomorrow so why must I burden myself and limit my experience with something as unreliable as a plan? One thing I know about life is that it hates plans, or at least the plans we make for our selves, perhaps because it has already made a plan for you so it will kick your self-made plan in the face when it wants to. I am not here to plan for myself, I am here to enjoy the experience of life’s plan for me. There is no plan, there is an eventual goal which is of internal evolution and that’s it.”

Today Babil is quite energised with a clarity in his mind. But when his father passed away, he was left a bit distraught. Earlier in a conversation with Bollywood Bubble, Babil had opened up about how he dealt with the grief of Irrfan Khan death. He had shared how he locked himself in his room for one-and-a half months. He said, “I lost my best friend.” You can watch that whole chat here:

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