Blackbuck Poaching Case verdict: Salman Khan to spend one more night in jail, bail reserved

Image Source - Twitter

Yesterday, Salman Khan was punished with five years of imprisonment in his 1998 Blackbuck Poaching Case. He was then taken to the Central Jail, where he spent the night. His lawyers applied for the bail in the sessions court but it has just come in that his bail has been reserved for tomorrow. That means he will be spending one more night in jail.

The lawyer defended him on 54 grounds and also stated that Salman is paying the price for being a star. He also said that a 5-year-jail-term is too harsh to be given in this case, and that the account of eyewitness was not reliable.

The sessions court judge has asked for fresh papers and argument will continue tomorrow. He will either receive bail or be his bail would get reserved for one more day.

As per reports, Salman was kept in cell number 106. He was offered but, he refused to eat.

Keep watching this space for more updates on the case.