Bobby Deol bursts out about the insider-outsider nepotism debate; says, “It’s always going to be difficult for an outsider”

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Bobby Deol is all set to come out with his new web show, ‘Aashram’. It has been getting some great reviews, and people all over the world have been dying to see another fab performance from Bobby after the stellar show in ‘Class Of 83’. The actor recently caught up with the media and spoke about the ongoing raging topic of nepotism and the insider-outsider debate, which has caught fire ever since the death of Sushant Singh Rajput. Bobby didn’t shy away from taking questions on the topic of SSR and the nepotism debate which followed afterwards. He was happy to give his piece of mind.

My father is the biggest example of an outsider. He was the son of a teacher. He wanted to be an actor, and he ran away from home. He came to Mumbai and struggled for so many years that he got work. But, he never gave up. Because it’s always going to be difficult for an outsider coming into this industry. Because you don’t know anybody here. It was the same case with my father,” said Bobby when asked about the insider-outsider debate. He went on compare that had his father wanted to become a doctor or anything else, it would have been the same way difficult for him even in that profession. Such is life!

Bobby, however, didn’t deny the privileges of a child being born in a film family. He said, “I also agree that for a child born in the family from the same profession, it will always be easy to get the first step. So definitely yes, my dad gave me this opportunity to become an actor and made a film with me. But after that, it was my work that spoke for me. If I were not good enough, people would have not connected with me and not watched my films. Also, there have been a lot of actors who were star kids, and they never made it. You probably even won’t remember their names.

Bobby even opened up about what works in the film industry and what doesn’t. He said, “What I think is that your hard work pays off. My only advice to all the youngsters out there who’re trying to make it in the film industry, from the outside or from the inside, is that never give up. If you keep crying for luck, then you’ll never be able to move forward. So work hard, be persistent, be focussed, and your work will turn into your luck.

Because for an actor, it’s a struggle every day. Every day you struggle to get work. So I would always say never give up. That’s what I have learnt from my mistakes. I was an insider. I went through a bad phase. People stopped working with me. I kind of gave up in my life. Then one day I realised, no matter how powerful your family is in the industry, they can’t help you to move forward. You have to stand on your own two feet and make people notice you. It might take long! Because even after 3 years of not working, it was a slow process for me. I never got films easily despite getting good reviews for my films and performances. So eventually, I kept on doing work, meeting people and knocking on doors, and finally, things worked for me. So that’s what my take is on all this.

Well, we must say, Bobby Deol really put it nicely for all to get a perspective of how it works in the film industry for an insider.

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