Check out : How Rajnikanth came to Hrithik Roshan’s rescue?

Indeed, Superstar Rajnikanth has been an inspiration for many. His fan following is commendable and well why not, he is a star who can do anything and everything with his super powers. And this superstar recently celebrated his 65th birthday. Even though his birthday celebrations were a low-key affair, twitteraties went crazy wishing this superstar a very Happy Birthday. But amongst all the special wishes there was one tweet that grabbed our attention. The tweet posted by none other than our Greek God of Bollywood Hrithik Roshan made us go aww….

Hrithik Roshan posted a very warm and heart touching post on twitter which explained the equation between the two. He said, “When I got stuck in dialogue, he’d purposely mess up n retake it 2 protect my confidence.” This was followed by an old picture wherein we can see Rajnikanth having a conversation with young Hrithik Roshan.


As we know, Hrithik Roshan started his acting career as a child artist, he worked with Rajnikanth in a film titled ‘Bhagwan Dada,’ directed by his father Rakesh Roshan. The picture is the still from that film. Sweetly, Hrithik revealed that Rajnikanth used to mess up with the scenes intentionally whenever Hrithik went wrong with the dialogues. We also know that Hrithik used to stammer as a kid and this was considered to be a hurdle in the then child artist Hrithik’s bright Bollywood career. But, Rajnikanth didn’t let anything affect the confidence level of Duggu. He tried his level best and ensured that the young artist, who is yet to begin his Bollywood career, starts his journey with a belief in himself that he can do it. And well Hrithik did it!

Now, that’s what we call being a true star. Rajnikanth is a mentor, an inspiration and surely a savior. Hats off to you Rajnikanth!